January 25, 2011

JavaLoader - Load/Remove applications from BlackBerry Device without using BlackBerry Desktop Manager

How to load/erase cod files from BlackBerry Device without using BlackBerry Desktop Manager ?

To Do this BlackBerry JDE/Eclipse Plugins provide the utility JavaLoader.
First you have to configure the path variable to include this utilities path, which is usually

C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry JDE 4.5.0\bin
or if you are using eclipse

For installing to BlackBerry Device use the following command

javaloader -u load [your_application_name.cod]

For uninstalling/erasing your application from BlackBerry device

javaloader -u erase -f [your_application_name.cod]

Usage of JavaLoader utility is as follows

JavaLoader [-u] [-p[port]|[pin]] [-b[baud]] [-d0|-d1] [-w[password]] [-q]

-u Connect to USB handheld (default is serial)
-p[port] Specifies the serial port (serial handhelds only)
-p[pin] Specifies the handheld PIN (USB handhelds only; hex pin prefix '0x'
-b[baud] Specifies the baud rate (serial handhelds only)
-d0 Disables VM debug mode
-d1 Enables VM debug mode
-w[password] Connects using the specified password
-q Quiet mode

[command] is one of

dir [-d] [-s] [-1]
Lists modules on the handheld
-d Display dependency information
-s Display siblings
-1 Single column output

Provides information on the handheld

load [.cod file] ...
Loads modules onto the handheld

load [.jad file]
Load modules described by JAD onto the handheld

load @[manifest] ...
Loads all modules named in [manifest] onto the handheld

save { [module] ... | -g [group] }
Retrieves modules from the handheld
-g Retrieves all modules in a specified group

info [-d] [-s] [-v] [.cod file] ...
Provides information on the specified modules
-d Display dependency information
-s Display sibling information
-v Display verbose module information

wipe [-a|-f]
Wipes the handheld
-a Wipe applications only
-f Wipe filesystem only

erase [-f] { [module] ... | -g [group] }
Erases modules on the handheld
-f Force erase of in-use modules
-g Erases all modules in a specified group

Enables VM debug mode

Retrives the handheld event log

Clears the handheld event log

Sets the time on the handheld to the current time

radio on|off
Turns the handheld's radio on or off

Enumerates all USB handhelds

siblinginfo [.cod file] ...
Provides sibling information on the specified modules

screenshot [active|primary|auxiliary] [.bmp file]
Retreives the current contents of the specified screen
and saves it as a BMP file. If the screen is not
specified, the default is "active".

Dumps the stack traces for all threads to the event log

Reset IT policy to factory settings

Dumps NV store data to stdout

java_state [file]
Dumps Java state to a file

recoverflash [size in bytes]
Attempts to recover the specified amount of flash

otasl load [type] file
load an OTASL patch file
type is os, dspos, osext, installer, cod or patchlist

otasl purge [type]
purge OTASL patch files
type is os, dspos, osext, installer, cod or patchlist

otasl state [state]
set the OTASL state and reset


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  2. Hi,

    I have a quick questions. My Blackberry gets restarted after I uninstall an application (OS 5, 6, 7) using the JavaLoader. Is that the expected behaviour?